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WO-2015072950-A1: A dispenser comprising a product loading and unloading mechanism patent, WO-2015087318-A1: Learning and advancement system and method thereof patent, WO-2015104512-A1: Method for processing molecular imaging data and corresponding data server patent, WO-2015140298-A1: Solid electrolyte patent, WO-2015195186-A1: Printed circuit board assembly with foam dielectric material patent, WO-2015198355-A3: Stress urinary incontinence treatment medical implant patent, WO-2016005847-A1: Regeneration of deactivated ionic liquids patent, WO-2016009308-A2: A prosthesis or orthosis comprising a hinge joint system for functionally assisting, enhancing and/or replacing a hinge joint of a human or animal subject. patent, WO-2016018168-A1: Method and system for beam alignment on directional wireless links patent, WO-2016097342-A1: Copolymer comprising at least three blocks: polyamide blocks, peg blocks and other blocks patent, WO-2016139316-A1: A system for use in a vehicle patent, WO-2016152093-A1: Liquid discharging apparatus, control method of liquid discharging apparatus, device driver, and printing system patent, WO-2016187367-A2: In-wall room freshener modules and related devices and systems patent, WO-2017006329-A1: A system and method for playing binary tournaments patent, WO-2017030629-A2: Method and apparatus for dispatching network equipment within a communication system patent, WO-2017054081-A1: An activity-centric system and method for relationship matching patent, WO-2017063975-A1: A moving gantry flatbed table inkjet printer patent, WO-2017132032-A1: Predictive modeling across multiple horizons combining time series & external data patent, WO-2017160809-A1: Packet extensions for ranging operations patent, WO-8001915-A1: 24,24-difluoro-25-hydroxycholecalciferol patent, WO-8101507-A1: Ergometer patent, WO-8300374-A1: Heater with sensor patent, WO-8504763-A1: Rechargeable electrochemical device and a positive electrode therefor patent, WO-8600026-A1: System for diaphragm distillation patent, WO-8601983-A1: Fastener for connecting the two ends of a belt patent, WO-8604855-A1: A displaceable protective cover for handtools provided with rotatable disc-shaped tools patent, WO-8701544-A1: Data processing system for a local area network patent, WO-8702180-A1: A method of producing isolated silicon structures patent, WO-8801829-A2: Monocrystalline three-dimensional integrated circuit patent, WO-8805930-A1: Toner for developing electrostatically charged image patent, WO-8810524-A1: Crimp snap retention system patent, WO-8909576-A1: One-piece bifocal intraocular lens construction patent, WO-9009113-A1: Adjustable girth shoe construction patent, WO-9012962-A1: Electric motor driven diaphragm pump patent, WO-9013593-A1: A composite, porous diaphragm patent, WO-9101077-A1: Plasma torch patent, WO-9105787-A1: Iminomethanodibenzo(a,d)cycloheptene derivatives as neuroprotectant agents patent, WO-9119270-A1: Bar code display/read method and apparatus therefor patent, WO-9205954-A1: Composite film patent, WO-9211215-A1: Gob-forming apparatus, including refractory cylinder patent, WO-9213334-A1: Performance controller for music synthesizing system patent, WO-9217394-A1: Feed arrangement for currency handling machines patent, WO-9220913-A1: Plasma ignition apparatus and method for enhanced combustion and flameholding in engine combustion chambers patent, WO-9222027-A1: Divider patent, WO-9409950-A1: Double arm robot operating method patent, WO-9410896-A1: Endoscope for intestines patent, WO-9413244-A1: Roller type massaging machine patent, WO-9413448-A1: A production system for automatic casting of hollow bodies, in particular of concrete patent, WO-9422547-A1: Method for supplying a suspension to a filter and device therefor patent, WO-9428299-A1: Exhaust gas recirculation in two stroke internal combustion engines patent, WO-9511254-A1: 16-substituted-4-aza-androstane 5-alpha-reductase isozyme 1 inhibitors patent, WO-9517999-A1: Process and apparatus for resin impregnation of a porous web patent, WO-9525876-A1: Multi-operational expansion gasket patent, WO-9530794-A1: Process for fixing dyes in textile materials patent, WO-9531983-A1: Treating conditions with (+)-liarozole patent, WO-9617407-A1: Receptacle contact for pressed screen contact pins patent, WO-9633667-A1: Jig for positioning an instrument to be introduced into an object to be examined patent, WO-9635103-A1: A piezoelectric crystal microbalance device patent, WO-9638433-A1: Process and compositions for the recovery of ascorbic acid patent, WO-9639310-A1: Appliques for surfaces having complex curvature patent, WO-9703502-A1: Digital transmission system, transmitter, receiver, equivalent analog signal, and transmission method patent, WO-9728727-A1: Cooker with liquefaction means for deodorizing while cooking patent, WO-9733909-A3: Compounds and methods for immunotherapy and immunodiagnosis of prostate cancer patent, WO-9736110-A1: Magnet plug patent, WO-9809315-A1: Automated calibrant system for use in a liquid separation/mass spectrometry apparatus patent, WO-9831152-A2: Embedding supplemental data in a digital video signal patent, WO-9842416-A1: Suspension type golf tee patent, WO-9916029-A1: Electronic payment system patent, WO-9917232-A1: Object model mapping and runtime engine for employing relational database with object oriented software patent, WO-9918527-A1: Computer based system for displaying in full motion linked concept components for producing selected technical results patent, WO-9920053-A1: Digital convergence correcting device and display device patent, WO-9932695-A1: Fibers for electric flocking and electrically flocked article patent, WO-9932709-A1: Rope for conveying systems patent, WO-9944565-A1: Shampoo compositions patent, WO-9960844-A2: Lobster ranching methods and structures patent, WO-0003476-A1: Wide-bandwidth operational amplifier patent, WO-0006513-A2: Resistant porcelain against heat changes patent, WO-0009043-A1: Osteoinduction of cortical bone allografts by coating with biopolymers seeded with recipient periosteal bone cells patent, WO-0009915-A1: Intertank screen sealing system patent, WO-0009967-A1: Blasting arrangement patent, WO-0012386-A1: Method for wrapping steel coils patent, WO-0019623-A1: Using a single side band mixer to reject image signals in a wireless station patent, WO-0019749-A1: Data network patent, CN-104034632-B: 陶瓷泥浆流速在线检测装置及检测方法 patent, WO-0033552-A1: System and method for ip-based communication having speech generated text patent, WO-0033761-A1: Interdental brush and production method therefor patent, WO-0041297-A1: Noise reduction scheme for operational amplifiers patent, WO-0042890-A1: A beverage maker patent, WO-0049967-A1: Method and system for detecting estrus in swine patent, WO-0055878-A1: Electromechanical switching device package with controlled impedance environment patent, WO-0067532-A1: Ballast having a resonant feedback circuit for linear diode operation patent, WO-0067743-A1: Radical scavenger patent, WO-0068069-A1: Power transmission devices in chainless type bicycle patent, WO-0105526-A1: Cleaning of beer lines patent, WO-0106742-A1: Sound retrieval system with spatial effect, and telephone terminal incorporating same patent, WO-0108496-A1: Antiparasitic formulation patent, WO-0121295-A1: Method and apparatus for the production of high viscosity paste products with added components patent, WO-0122037-A1: Multi-mode hall-effect sensor patent, WO-0133879-A1: Mobile station, radio telecommunication system and methods for operating radio telecommunications systems patent, WO-0137974-A1: Removal of volatile aluminum alkyls from gas streams patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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